Wednesday, December 14, 2011

For the record, we decided to pursue the following stories and timelines

Quiddich- Jonathan has completed this story and has a rough draft of the video piece that we will use. He will pass that onto Sarah and Pearl to work with.

Housing Council- Josh and Morganne will work together to merge their work on the housing council and re-present it when we return on week 4

Skateboarding Christians- continued shooting and story development on one charachter/idea. An update will be presented week 4.

Police ride-along- Lauren will photograph a ride along and report back about story possibilities

Snow racing with mother and daughter on snowshoes is on hold but there is a lot of interest in this story, we will revisit in week 4.

Mary's Place-refugee center. Lauren will begin shooting and show an update week 4.

Labor Union/Workers- Victor will work on this project and we will continue discussions about integrating it into an Occupy story or economic story. check out August Sander's work. he will show an update on week 4.

MIxed Martial Arts- Mike and Trent will work together to develop that story in an innovative way, and try to begin shooting to show something on week 4.

Autism and sound- will work to see if we can get permission for that story to be pursued

Ant Hill cooperative- will begin work on that project and report back with images week 4.

Village of Pittsford (Lindsey) will work to focus the story. Possibly speaking to a historian about the "founding families' of Pittsford or maybe the oldest resident of Pittsford, oldest shop in Pittsford or some other community element that can be explored

Rochester City ballet- will work to see if a contact can be made

Pond Hockey- is a go, when the event happens it will be covered. discuss possible interactivity with Jonathan

Professional organizer- is a go, work to see if you can get interviews with more than one person and with the organizer, discuss possible 360 degree view as interactivity

Aaron will work to find some clearer ideas with snowboarding or mountain biking and find an idea that does not involve sports.

Occupy Wall Street- Jonathan, Josh and others who are interested in developing someothing on occupy wall street will meet and discuss innovative ways to do it, including networking with other communities and submit a paragraph of possibilities.

Interactivity- Jonathan will work on interactive ideas for each of the stories which we will discuss in class on Week 4.

Please upload all work each week in a folder yourlastname_04 or whatever week in the quarter we are working in.  For those who are shooting, put together an edit of 10-15 photos that shows where you are in the work.

Design resources from Roger Black

Hey everyone,
Roger Black is THE expert on magazine/newspaper designs online and offline. Here's some resources from him that will help us craft our website. Please comment on what you like and don't like. (his company that does design for a lot of big media orgs) (font types for web for publishers) (javascript framework to create magazine for iPad)

Check out his blog posts on design

Roger Black’s 10 Rules of Design (very important)

California is a Place "Uppercut"

Here's the link to a really sweet piece on a "fight club" in Silicon Valley.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Websites for interactivity and design

My top 3 websites you can check out guys.

This is a gallery of the latest website design concepts, maybe you'll find something you like. Great resource to browse and find websites that you like and submit them on this blog weekly:

Static and interactive infographics (Jonathan, maybe you'll find something relevant to any of our stories here as part of interactive side)

Check out aside magazine, which uses pure web programming (html5) to design the magazine for iPad.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Google Currents is a new app that allows you to combine your favorite websites into a magazine like format
From the Knight Foundation Five things journalists should know about tablet computers and Unmappers a mapping tool for journalists on deadline
This was sent to me by Fred Ritchen Cowbird  it's really related to ideas that he talks about in his book, that we need to begin to see digital photography as systems and genotypes rather than one linear story. I would like us to think about how we can integrate those concepts into what we are doing.

We also talked about Highrise for it's elegance and interactivity The Elders conceptually interesting idea and maybe we could adapt the idea of the word balls Starved for Attention for it's scrolling capabilities.
Powering a nation is an interesting concept and the Debt Trap is another way to bring the readers through an issue with interactivity, although I'm not a fan of the charts or the design.

Friday, December 9, 2011


”Ten Years On” South Africa
-option for high, medium, low bandwidth
-Nothing is static—all the content is engaging and holds my attention
-different issues: Housing, Economics, Music, each with its own specific content
-“insights” section to allow for user-generated discussion

“Eyes on the War”
-access to 24 different photojournalists work from Iraq War
-gripping stories from the photographers to accompany the work
-various options for viewing

“Caught in the Crossfire” LA times,0,6290501.htmlstory
-excellent images, audio, and video
-viewer's choice: can look at just pictures, or just video, or just hit a button and let the whole presentation play out

-blog, artist showcase and store all in one
-individual projects and group projects
-ability to view a project, go to store and buy prints

Facing Change
-individual and group efforts
-stories sorted geographically
-archived through photoshelter, so there is the ability to view a project and then go buy prints of it
-ability for anyone to propose a story they want to see—extentsion of the goal to cover stories that are no longer possible at other media outlets due to budget constraints etc

Interactive Websites
-A cool demo of the wired iPad ap.  They do really cool things with their covers that are similar to the link Victor posted about a moving portrait.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tablet ideas

Guardian-Easy to navigate, yet contains so many stories.
Flipboard--Originally just for iPad, now for iPhone too. Could see how they "shrunk" the content.
Wired-Overall great use of multimedia.
Once Magazine-Places single images large, allows for "soundscapes" or other audio that complements the imagery. Feels like going through a photo book.
News360-website, and apps on all smartphones. Doesn't really work for what we want, but it's a really neat idea for massive amounts of news.

Idea: Contributors Moving Portraits

It would be an interesting and a unique way to replace a traditional head shot portrait for the contributor page. Record a looping video, and play it when mouse goes over the over it... so it becomes alive. Maybe even play an audio when mouse is over the video and it begins playing moving photograph. Here's an example of a moving photograph. Something to think about... Any thoughts?

  • Cocaine True, Cocaine Blue - Eugene Richards 12

Online Magazine & Website Ideas