Friday, December 9, 2011


”Ten Years On” South Africa
-option for high, medium, low bandwidth
-Nothing is static—all the content is engaging and holds my attention
-different issues: Housing, Economics, Music, each with its own specific content
-“insights” section to allow for user-generated discussion

“Eyes on the War”
-access to 24 different photojournalists work from Iraq War
-gripping stories from the photographers to accompany the work
-various options for viewing

“Caught in the Crossfire” LA times,0,6290501.htmlstory
-excellent images, audio, and video
-viewer's choice: can look at just pictures, or just video, or just hit a button and let the whole presentation play out

-blog, artist showcase and store all in one
-individual projects and group projects
-ability to view a project, go to store and buy prints

Facing Change
-individual and group efforts
-stories sorted geographically
-archived through photoshelter, so there is the ability to view a project and then go buy prints of it
-ability for anyone to propose a story they want to see—extentsion of the goal to cover stories that are no longer possible at other media outlets due to budget constraints etc

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